O u r p r o d u c t s

“Wine always comes with a story. You drink our wine, we tell you the story beyond taste”

W i n e s

Kakheti, Georgia’s foremost wine region with 4,250 square miles of rolling vineyards, is the best place to get acquainted with this ancient tradition, thanks to its welcoming wineries, standout local cuisine, and well-priced hotels—not to mention 1,500-year-old monasteries and man-made cave cities. With this being told Kakheti is the most important Georgian winemaking region. The most popular grape varieties from Kakheti region are: Rkatsiteli, Mtsvane, Kisi, Khikhvi and Saperavi.

B r a n d y

The Georgian Legend wine and brandy label concept is based on numerous legends. The most popular legend ever told is connected to the Georgian alphabet. According to a legend, the Georgian alphabet was created by the first king of Georgia, Parnavaz I in III century BC. Nowadays, not many people know that Georgian alphabet Is one of the most ancient alphabets in the world. Moreover, it has been recognized and added to the list of intangible cultural heritage of the UNESCO. The brand concept of TM Georgian Legend is based on the history of Georgia and the royal family. Georgian Legend brandy line is presented in different bottles filled with selected spirits. It took around 2- 3 years to finalize the special recipe and create the label connected taste.